About Delmarva Astronomy Society

Who we are

Who We Are

Welcome to the Delmarva Astronomy Society (DAS)! We are a group of men, women, and youth in southern Delaware who are passionate about learning more about our universe. Many of us own telescopes, but not all of us - a telescope is certainly not required for you to join us. We have no officers or dues... this is just a society of people with a common interest in astronomy!


Our monthly meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of most months at the Milton Library. Please check our calendar to confirm meeting dates, times, and presentations. Our meetings cover all aspects of astronomy, including the night sky, telescope use, astrophotography, and other topics related to space and the universe. Our society is open to the public.


We are associated with the local non-profit astronomy outreach foundation, the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation (DSSF), and most of our public outreach events are done in conjunction with the DSSF. In place of dues, we urge you to consider contacting the DSSF and making a donation towards their outreach efforts. Society members also frequently get together to stargaze and do astrophotography amongst ourselves... public events don't allow the privacy needed to do more serious study and photography of the night sky.


The DAS was founded in 2000 by Brian Brengel as the Sussex County Astronomy Society (SCAS). We changed our name in 2016 to better reflect our growing footprint in southern Delaware, and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia.


Whether you are an expert astronomer, you just got your first telescope, or you just love learning about space, we hope you will come and join us!



A Note Regarding Politics & Religion:


The Society was formed as a way for people interested in different aspects of astronomy to meet and share their common interest together. There are many public and private forums, both online and in our communities, for people to discuss and express their views on politics and religion. Out of respect for the beliefs and privacy of all of our members, and with the goal of being open and inclusive to anyone who has an interest in astronomy, we choose to refrain from participating in discussions intentionally pertaining to politics and/or religion at our meetings. We embrace the wonderful diversity of people involved in the Society, now & in the future.


On this website and in our group, the scientific method is our guide.


Be kind to one another, and appreciate the wonderful diversity of this group!


Clear skies!